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What To Do When Your Refrigerator Water Line Leaks

8/4/2021 (Permalink)

the back of a silver color fridge and mechanicals and parts and tan flooring  A leaking fridge in your Riverside home can cause extensive water damage and mold growth in your kitchen.

I had this exact problem happen recently that went on for weeks, I thought it was the pipe under the kitchen sink leaking.  I had maintenance come out multiple times and they kept telling me there was no leak under the sink.  Lo and behold we finally figured out it was the refrigerator water line leaking.  Honestly I felt pretty embarrassed thinking it was the kitchen sink leaking the whole time.   

When you think of kitchen water damage, you usually think of a sink leak or a broken dishwasher. But did you know there's a high risk of water damage from your fridge?

Refrigerator water line leaks can damage your kitchen floor, the wall behind the appliance, and even cause extensive mold growth in your Riverside home.

What can you do when your refrigerator leaks to prevent water damage in your kitchen? As your local water damage restoration company for appliance leaks in Riverside we'll review what to do when your fridge leaks, how to repair it, and when insurance will cover the damages.

Why Is My Fridge Leaking Water?

The most common cause of water damage from a fridge is a clogged or leaking water supply line. These supply lines are used to carry water to your ice maker, water dispenser, or to carry melted water from the defrost drain to the drain pan. This means that depending on the model fridge you have, there's many places where the leak could be located.

Many times you won't realize that this appliance is leaking until it's already caused considerable damages. Water line leaks usually start small and worsen over time, saturating flooring, drywall, warping baseboards, or even damaging the subfloor. You may not even notice the damages until there's visible mold around the appliance. When Your Fridge Water Line Breaks and Leaks Immediately take the following steps when you notice that your refrigerator is leaking and damaging your kitchen floor in East Riverside City.

  1. Clean up water.

Before doing anything else, you should make sure to clean up any standing water to prevent it from seeping through floors, walls, or cabinetry. If you have any fans or dehumidifiers, set them out to help dry the area out.

  1. Try to find the source of the leak.

If you can find the source of the water leak, you may be able to make the needed repairs by yourself. Slowly pull the fridge away from the wall and inspect the plastic supply line that's located on the back of the appliance. If you can't see any visible damage to water lines, use your hands to feel for moisture and pinhole leaks.

  1. Turn off the water to the appliance.

To prevent further water damage until the appliance is repaired, you should turn off the water and then disconnect the fridge from power. The shutoff valve should be located behind the fridge or underneath your kitchen sink.

  1. Replace the leaking water line.

Remove the bolt that secures the water intake valve to the supply line so that you can remove the faulty line. Measure the length of the water line and be sure to purchase one that is the same length or cut it to the correct size. To install the new water line, attach each end into a coupling connector until it's firmly sealed. Make sure that everything is tight and secure. Lastly, turn back on the water to the fridge and watch for any slow leaks before pushing it back to its normal place. You can also call a professional to repair your leaking fridge if this isn't a project you want to take on yourself.

  1. Inspect for signs of water damage around your home.

Depending on how long your refrigerator leaks water onto the kitchen floor, you may need to take additional steps to restore your kitchen to pre-damage conditions. Look for signs of warped walls or floors, bubbling or peeling paint, musty odors, or water stains on the ceiling underneath the fridge.

If you find any signs of additional water damage, you should call a local water damage restoration company like SERVPRO of East Riverside for a detailed inspection.

The best way to prevent your fridge from leaking and causing water damage is to regularly inspect and maintain the appliance. Note when water supply lines should be replaced or consider upgrading plastic water lines to braided steel supply lines to minimize the chances of them leaking.

Dealing With Refrigerator Water Line Leak Damage? We Can Help!  SERVPRO of East Riverside City can quickly restore your kitchen to pre-damage conditions. Call today!  (951)222-2224 

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