Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Stove Fire

Even a small fire inside your home can cause major damage, some that cannot easily be seen. A small fire was caused by the stove and thankfully was put out rela... READ MORE

Fire Damage is More Than Smoke

When you say fire damage, you usually picture burnt wood, maybe some ash and soot. Most people don't think of the damage left behind by the first responders to ... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Rental Property

This small rental property had been vacant for a few months and due to a faulty lock on the back door some kids had gotten inside. It is unsure what they did wh... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire = Smoke Damage

Kitchen fires are unfortunately very common and usually do not just afect the kitchen. As this family in Riverside found out when their stove caught fire brunin... READ MORE

Devastating Fire in Riverside Home

Fire is a homeowners worst nightmare. Thankfully when this fire started no one was home. Unfortunetly the fire spread quickly causing devistating damage to the ... READ MORE

Commercial Smoke Damage

This commercial warehouse in Riverside has a small fire causing damage to some equpitment and leaving smoke damage to the ceiling, as seen in the before picture... READ MORE