Recent Before & After Photos

Stove Fire

Even a small fire inside your home can cause major damage, some that cannot easily be seen. A small fire was caused by the stove and thankfully was put out rela... READ MORE

Dressing Room Disaster

Boot Barn located in the Tyler shopping Center in Riverside California suffered major damage in the dressing rooms during the heavy rain in January 20... READ MORE

Put a Tarp on It

A leak in the roof may not seem like a big deal until it starts to rain, then its urgent! Even a small leak can cause major damage, in a very short amount of ti... READ MORE

Out of Order

A public restroom in any commercial building is very important. This small business in Riverside California had more than one leak in the public restroom causin... READ MORE

Apartment Mold

This apartment in Riverside California had a small leak that was left unnoticed and caused mold to grow. The bathroom needed to be gutted and cleaned with anti-... READ MORE

Weak roof + heavy rain

Winter storms came as a surprise for many this year, especially this couple in Riverside when the ceiling collapsed in their home office during one of the many ... READ MORE

Save the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army building in Riverside California had a flood caused by broken pipe in the theater that spread to the storage room and some offices.... READ MORE


Roof damage can be very costly for any homeowner. The best way to prevent damage is to have a professional check for leaks at least every two years. If you noti... READ MORE

Sewer Back-up in San Dimas

Sewer problems really stink - literally! Especially when it happens in a large commercial building, not once, but TWICE! Our team of hero's were called out... READ MORE

Office Break Room CLOSED

A sewer loss at a large commercial building in San Dimas California caused major damage to half the building, including the break room. The cabinets and ap... READ MORE