Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Leak from water heater

Mold was discovered in this home under the water heater and furnace. Once the small leak was located and repaired, our customer was very pleased with the mold r... READ MORE

Dirty Elevator

The local hotel, Courtyard Marriott in Riverside, CA had a few issues with water and other debris getting into the elevator shaft due to the heavy rains experie... READ MORE

Property Preservation Servicing

We have done inspections for PPS (property Preservation Servicing) for a few years all over the Riverside Country and surrounding areas. PPS makes sure that for... READ MORE

Refridgerator Malfunction = Water Damage & Mold

This is an example of how a small problem can turn into a huge problem if left unchecked. A small leak from the water line to the fridge was unnoticed until the... READ MORE

Water Restoration

The bathroom has the highest risk of water damage in the entire home due to the amount of water running through it. As seen here a small leak under the sink we... READ MORE

Mold under the tub

This rental property in Corona, California had a strange smell in the bathroom for some time before the homeowner discovered it was mold growing under the batht... READ MORE

Water if left unchecked leads to MOLD

From a broken pipe within the wall of this two story home in Moreno Valley came a lot of damage. The wood floor was completely ruined and needed to be removed. ... READ MORE