Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Large Water Loss

August 2015 a water valve in the master bathroom caused a flood and major damage to this one story home in Riverside. The wood flooring immediately bubbled from... READ MORE

Upstairs bathroom sink leak

A broken water valve caused a leak in the upstairs bathroom in two story home in Riverside, causing major damage to both the second and first level of the home.... READ MORE

Kitchen Damage

Water Damage from the dish washer caused the wood floor in the single family home in Rowland Heights California to warp and bubble. The walls and cabinets in th... READ MORE

Broken Pipe

This single story home in Moreno Valley California flooded after the connection pipe in the hallway bathroom broke and flooded the hallway, living room and kitc... READ MORE

Kitchen Damage

The before picture might not look like much but even a small amount of water can cause major damage to your home and family if not properly taken care of. A sma... READ MORE

Broken Pipe

A connection pipe in the hallway bathroom in this single family home broke and caused water damage throughout the home. Pictured in here is the family room that... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom

Have you ever woken up to the sound of running water? This family did when the connection valve in the master bathroom broke over night flooding the bathroom, m... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak = Big damage

A Water heater began to leak while everyone was out. By the time the water was shut off the damage had spread to several rooms of this single story home in More... READ MORE

Faulty Valve = Big Mess

A faulty water valve causing the master bathroom to flood and sent water into the master bedroom. The bathroom vanity and flooring needed to be removed to prope... READ MORE

Pin Hole Leak

Imagine you walk down stairs for your morning cup of coffee, your half asleep but awaken suddenly when your feet squish into the carpet! You take a few more ste... READ MORE