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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Pin Hole Leak

Imagine you walk down stairs for your morning cup of coffee, your half asleep but awaken suddenly when your feet squish into the carpet! You take a few more ste... READ MORE

Faulty Valve = Big Mess

A faulty water valve causing the master bathroom to flood and sent water into the master bedroom. The bathroom vanity and flooring needed to be removed to prope... READ MORE

Water if left unchecked leads to MOLD

From a broken pipe within the wall of this two story home in Moreno Valley came a lot of damage. The wood floor was completely ruined and needed to be removed. ... READ MORE

Washer Overflow = New Kitchen

Imagine coming home to water dripping from the upstairs apartment into your kitchen and laundry room. What would you do? That's exactly what happened to this yo... READ MORE

Rebuild After Water Loss

You've heard that a small amount of water can cause major damage to any structure, here is one example. A pipe in the quest bathroom in this two story home in D... READ MORE

Sewage Clean-up

A rental property in Corona was an unknown sewage leak under the bathroom for a few weeks. As you can see in the before picture some of the contaminated water s... READ MORE

Mold under the tub

This rental property in Corona, California had a strange smell in the bathroom for some time before the homeowner discovered it was mold growing under the batht... READ MORE

Commercial Smoke Damage

This commercial warehouse in Riverside has a small fire causing damage to some equpitment and leaving smoke damage to the ceiling, as seen in the before picture... READ MORE

Devastating Fire in Riverside Home

Fire is a homeowners worst nightmare. Thankfully when this fire started no one was home. Unfortunetly the fire spread quickly causing devistating damage to the ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire = Smoke Damage

Kitchen fires are unfortunately very common and usually do not just afect the kitchen. As this family in Riverside found out when their stove caught fire brunin... READ MORE

Dalia's Pizza Kitchen

Who doesn't love a good pizza, especially with a good friends and maybe a cold beer. Any good business knows their kitchen needs to be clean to be sucessful. Th... READ MORE

No job to small

The manager of Banner Bank in Riverside was shocked to find human waste infront of the doors before opening one morning. Having worked with SERVPRO of East Rive... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak = Big damage

A Water heater began to leak while everyone was out. By the time the water was shut off the damage had spread to several rooms of this single story home in More... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom

Have you ever woken up to the sound of running water? This family did when the connection valve in the master bathroom broke over night flooding the bathroom, m... READ MORE

Broken Pipe

A connection pipe in the hallway bathroom in this single family home broke and caused water damage throughout the home. Pictured in here is the family room that... READ MORE

Water Restoration

The bathroom has the highest risk of water damage in the entire home due to the amount of water running through it. As seen here a small leak under the sink we... READ MORE

Kitchen Damage

The before picture might not look like much but even a small amount of water can cause major damage to your home and family if not properly taken care of. A sma... READ MORE

Basement Flooding

A small clinic in Riverside California had major flooding in their basement after a weekend of heavy rain. Unfortunately the flooding went unnoticed until the p... READ MORE

Broken Pipe

This single story home in Moreno Valley California flooded after the connection pipe in the hallway bathroom broke and flooded the hallway, living room and kitc... READ MORE

Roof Leak

A small leak in your ceiling is not something to ignore. As you can see in the before photo, what may have started off small turned into something that you cann... READ MORE

Refridgerator Malfunction = Water Damage & Mold

This is an example of how a small problem can turn into a huge problem if left unchecked. A small leak from the water line to the fridge was unnoticed until the... READ MORE

Tree Collapse

In the fall of 2014 a heavey rain and wind storm cause tree's and branches to fall all over Riverside. This home was one of the unfortunate ones to have a tree ... READ MORE

Kitchen Damage

Water Damage from the dish washer caused the wood floor in the single family home in Rowland Heights California to warp and bubble. The walls and cabinets in th... READ MORE

Sprinkler System

During a routine maitenance on the sprinkler system at a Hooters Resturaunt in Riverside California the sprinklers were tripped and flooded the kicthen. The bef... READ MORE

Upstairs bathroom sink leak

A broken water valve caused a leak in the upstairs bathroom in two story home in Riverside, causing major damage to both the second and first level of the home.... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Rental Property

This small rental property had been vacant for a few months and due to a faulty lock on the back door some kids had gotten inside. It is unsure what they did wh... READ MORE

Large Water Loss

August 2015 a water valve in the master bathroom caused a flood and major damage to this one story home in Riverside. The wood flooring immediately bubbled from... READ MORE

Poly High School Boys Restroom

SERVPRO of East Riverside City has been working with the Riverside Unified School District for some years now in the upkeep and remediation of school property f... READ MORE

Dental Office Water Loss

Over the holiday weekend while this Dental office was closed one of the toilets overflowed. With the water running for a few days unnoticed the water spread dow... READ MORE

Floor Cleaning

To prepare for the grand opening of the first Steak 'n' Shake restaurant in Riverside California; the manager called SERVPRO of East Riverside. Our Green Team d... READ MORE

UCR Student Housing

Mold can grow anywhere with the right environment and conditions. As you can see the growth can be extensive and grows quickly, within 48 hours it can grow out ... READ MORE

Property Preservation Servicing

We have done inspections for PPS (property Preservation Servicing) for a few years all over the Riverside Country and surrounding areas. PPS makes sure that for... READ MORE

Mud Slide

Mud Slide - not the delicious blended beverage but a messy disaster! This mud slide didn't even happen with heavy rains but when a water line from the house at ... READ MORE

Fire Damage is More Than Smoke

When you say fire damage, you usually picture burnt wood, maybe some ash and soot. Most people don't think of the damage left behind by the first responders to ... READ MORE

Roof Leak

This winter brought some heavy rain and strong wind. For some that meant a lot more than finding an umbrella and getting some rain boots out of storage. Leaks i... READ MORE

Office Break Room CLOSED

A sewer loss at a large commercial building in San Dimas California caused major damage to half the building, including the break room. The cabinets and applian... READ MORE

Sewer Back-up in San Dimas

Sewer problems really stink - literally! Especially when it happens in a large commercial building, not once, but TWICE! Our team of hero's were called out the ... READ MORE


Roof damage can be very costly for any homeowner. The best way to prevent damage is to have a professional check for leaks at least every two years. If you noti... READ MORE

Save the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army building in Riverside California had a flood caused by broken pipe in the theater that spread to the storage room and some offices. Thankfull... READ MORE